黒バス 青峰 ゾーン

Haikyuu!! - The End & The Beginning


Battle of the Dragon Slayers

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Comic 天元突破グレンラガン 男一匹編



Anonymous said: sorry for the random question but i wanted to know how you save and sharpen your gifs if its not too much to ask?? :)) thank u i really love your gifs and im poopy when it comes to saving them!!

wow I’m sorry for such a late reply I stink and tumblr isn’t telling me I’m getting inboxes apparently

I use 720p video files when I’m making gifs, higher quality videos tend to make higher quality gifs. Before I resize the the frames to make the gif I sharpen each frame about 2-3 times, it really depends on how blurry the image. After that I resize the gif (into my 500px/245px wide, whatever size you’re going for) and then sharpen each frame again using but this time using Smart Sharpen. You can fiddle around with the strength of smart sharpen using the slider (I tend to set it between 30-60, again depending on how blurry the image is). You have to play around with it a bit.

When I save my gifs I usually save them as Pattern (not Diffusion), and toggle between Adaptive/Selective to minimize the amount of pixels I get.

"You really know nothing of the fearsomeness of the nine demon gates."

by 天の邪鬼