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Pazu & Sheeta Flying

The Ladies of Persona Q
one episode, one gif: “The hero who gets too close to the sun shall have his wax wings plucked and be dropped to the earth.”


Mako x Gamagori ~

Artist ~ 西津’

legendary trios

paranoidlotusneco said: Name two things you like about yourself and then send it to the first 10 people you see on your dash ^^ :3

I’ve never been very good at these things uhh
I guess I can stay pretty level headed when I have to be, and I like hearing every side of a story before making any decisions
My baking has improved to the point where I don’t burn things/set things on fire and make people gag with the end product I’m sure that counts for something

Anonymous said: Concerning your color edits, I just want to ask if you use a tablet or your laptop? If tablet, any suggestions on how to color with precision using a laptop?

Uh, I colour manga caps with my tablet on a desktop computer, I’ve never really tried colouring anything on a laptop recently (the closest thing I own to a laptop is an itty bitty Netbook anyway). I’m not 100% positive but colouring on a laptop should be similar to a desktop computer with the biggest difference being the size of the screen I guess. The best advice I could give you is to use the zoom in feature when you’re colouring on whatever program to get the smaller details done.
I’m not sure if I answered your question correctly, I apologize. Drop me another ask if I went in a completely wrong direction here.

Preparations for Hearts’ Day! (x)